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Life Histories

During my time spent with the folders this week, I heard an array of different stories; classic triumphs, action and tragedies – different persons and their families trying to survive in America. The Federal Writers Project gave American’s an entertaining chance … Continue reading

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Digital Abstractions

As we delve deeper into the constructs governing digital representation, specifically this week with TEI (Text Coding Initiative), I find myself constantly amazed by the ingenuity displayed by the nameless groups or individuals who defined the systems in use today … Continue reading

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Communicating the Code

The bar for technical literacy has been raised as the world and its people are beginning to understand just how deep technology has been interwoven into everyday life. As Annie mentioned in her post, the ability to program, or write software, … Continue reading

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Different Uses of Metadata

When reading this week’s articles regarding metadata, I was reminded of the time I first was introduced to the term. It was sometime last year, while watching “Citizenfour,” which  chronicles Edward Snowden’s final eight days in Hong Kong after leaking … Continue reading

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“Making a Murderer” and Narrativity in the True Crime Genre

In recent years, the True Crime film genre has been particularly tantalizing to the American public. Many companies and individuals have taken notice and have been “cashing in” on the genre’s popularity. As such, there has been a recent explosion … Continue reading

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Consistent Innovation in Literacy Tech

Dennis Baron’s “From Pencils to Pixels” was a fascinating read detailing how different literacy technologies like the act of writing itself, the simple number two pencil and today’s modern day computer were all initially met with mixed feelings and trepidation … Continue reading

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Personal Learning Networks

Although most articles I find and read concerning social media illustrate the negative consequences that have resulted since their creation, they are certainly here to stay. I found the topics covered in Net Smart: How to Thrive Online particularly refreshing … Continue reading

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The Changing Brains of Internet Users: Tips for Training Deep Attention

While Nicholas Carr’s dated article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” from the July/August 2008 issue of The Atlantic was a somewhat insightful read, I found myself very skeptical about his conjecture that the more and more he uses the Web, the harder it … Continue reading

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Day One Intro

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