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A Real Reality

It’s deceitful, almost. Reading through my life histories I’m imagining tales of the death sentence in Raleigh–through the means of a gas chamber and an electric chair–I’m told about sons dying, families that live in the grime and dust in … Continue reading

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Symbolic Symbols and Coding

I’m not going to lie, seeing all those movies, television shows, and the likes when I was younger (and maybe even still if I’m honest) that portrayed hackers and computer geniuses that created and destroyed and created again all in … Continue reading

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Why is it that we see anything that’s not conventional, we’re uncomfortable? Why is it that history has been ‘conformed’ into this conventional ideology? Are we as Americans that concerned with not only how we present ourselves today but with … Continue reading

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Misled and Misconstrued

In every science class and every math class I’ve ever been in, the scale of the graph being looked at has been stressed heavily. You need to understand the breadth of what you’re talking about, need to understand the frame … Continue reading

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The Algorithm of My Life

I’ve moved three times in my life. Four different houses in the span of seven years. I found myself good at starting over, but I never forgot the place. I could vividly remember bay windows in one house and the … Continue reading

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Data and Whitman

Rigidity itself is not a destroyer of creativity. Rigidity enforced as guidelines of creativity destroy imaginativeness. There’s a not so subtle difference. Comparing databases to the writing of Walt Whitman in the reading Database as Genre: The Epic Transformation of … Continue reading

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Hayden White discussed the importance and value in narrativity, how it’s representing reality. I agreed with White’s thoughts on narrative, but was distracted by something I think of every February. Back in 2005, Morgan Freeman was on an episode of 60 … Continue reading

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The Pen Is Mightier

It may seem time saving to be using a computer versus hand printing your notes, it may seem like you can get more done and can better multi-task. All of these things are true; however, are we losing something by … Continue reading

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Food For Thought

The article “Facebook: The encyclopedia of beauty?” reminded me of another article published in USA Today last June  that begins by bringing up the point of a woman with a history of an eating disorder who refuses to have an Instagram or … Continue reading

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Personally Impersonal?

When I read the Huffington Post’s article entitled “This is How the Internet is Rewiring Your Brain”, I’ll admit that I was curious to figure out whether or not there was truth behind the whole idea of rewiring. Then the … Continue reading

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