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Study of the Americas

As I was scrolling through the hundreds of life histories, I mindlessly picked ones with titles that stuck out to me or about interesting people. Somehow however, almost all of my life histories revolved around the world of agriculture– I … Continue reading

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While taking Comp 110, an introduction course to coding and syntax of computer science, my professor regularly compared the process of coding to a language. My biggest issue with using the program and language (java) we used is because I … Continue reading

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The Art of Curating

All throughout this week’s readings, this idea of representation kept returning. What interested me most was the link between illiteracy and who was underrepresented—in short farmers and slaves during the 20th century, people who couldn’t curate their stories themselves. However, … Continue reading

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Recurring Themes

As spring approaches, my brain naturally begins planning for the summer. I’ve been applying, interviewing, and assessing what exactly I want to do to stay mentally engaged for 4 months. One opportunity that’s come up is curating the narratives of … Continue reading

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Ok Computer

One of the most unsettling feelings is applying yourself to learn something only to be met with failure, confusion, and frustration. Taking intro to computer science this past semester was one of the first times in a while that I … Continue reading

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Metadata: A Breakdown

One thing I’ve learned from a semester of college is there is a major difference between a “student” and an “academic”. Those who go the extra mile, take on the difficult task of constructing an impeccable resume, immerse themselves in … Continue reading

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The Colors We Choose Not to Paint With

I grew up in a small town in rural South Carolina. A storybook-esque backdrop of quaint dipping ponds and expansive fields of tall grasses; my house sat nestled beside a farmstead dotted with skinny birches and stout magnolias. The only … Continue reading

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Week Three

The strange concept regarding the evolution of the complexity of the internet, is not just the dependence of humankind on it, but in combination its momentum as a growing process. It seems no historical technology can parallel to the rate … Continue reading

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Webs of Significance

The Internet is something woven impeccably into civilization. Years and years of careful seamwork, teamwork, society’s work. Tout, jab, push the needle and pull the string through; a progressive evolution of what media we view to be valuable, and which … Continue reading

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Makiah Belk- Blog Post One

There’s an inescapable feeling of lurk—that something outside of awareness is occurring —within the minds of anyone caught in the web of cyber dependency. It’s gone long unnamed and unrecognized, especially by those knee-deep in the thick mud of complacency … Continue reading

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