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Life Histories

I think the most interesting thing I have found in my life histories is the extant personal depth. I remember reading the guidelines in the Couch readings a few weeks ago and in our class discussion we halted for a … Continue reading

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why TEI?

After reading this week , I still don’t feel extremely competent in my understanding of  the TEI beyond a conceptual level. That being said, I think the idea of necessity in relation to TEI standards is an interesting one. I … Continue reading

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In my classes this week I’ve talked a lot about objectivity. In my MUSC class (Media, Social Change and Africa) we talked about objective photography and presentations of Africa in mainstream global media. In my American Lit class we’re talking … Continue reading

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Am I good enough at math?

As a student, I’ve always found ease in the humanities. Often scared by STEM curricula, I found that adapting a growth mindset helped me succeed. Despite this change in pace, however, my mathematical skills always lagged behind my skills in … Continue reading

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Although daunting at first, I found myself engrossed in the readings this week because of how they forced me to view things structurally, from a macrocosmic level. In traditional school (American, public) we often spend the preponderance of our time … Continue reading

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Is history a privilege?

I was having a conversation about privilege the other day for Catalyst, an organization I’m involved in here on campus. We were first asked to list tv shows with predominately white casts, then those with casts predominately filled by people … Continue reading

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ProQuest = NoQuest?

Reading Johnson’s “Information Infrastructure as Rhetoric” definitely made me reflect on my years in high school and past two years of college. Using databases like Jstor, ProQuest and Gale, I always felt technologically savvy and efficient. Being able to search … Continue reading

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Bulgarelli: Week #2 Blog Post

After reading “The Web is Dead, Long Live the Internet” I thought a lot about interactions with technology. I thought about this last week when we were meant to catalog our involvement for one day. In high school, my AP … Continue reading

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Bulgarelli: Week #1 Blog Post

I found I had a deep personal connection to the readings this week; but I’m sure many of my classmates did as well. Over this past month of vacation, I set out on a daunting task: reminding myself how much … Continue reading

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Gabby Bulgarelli

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