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Foreseeable Issues

I’ve read through my stories, and I am really starting to understand the goal of the Federal Writers Project. These stories give me insight into the worlds of those I would never otherwise encounter. The Federal Writers Project tries to … Continue reading

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XML Language Pros & Cons

As we reach the midpoint of the semester, this class has had an impact on the way I think about the web. It is a little strange, but I am more fearful about my web use. Yesterday, I looked at … Continue reading

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Democratize History

In my History 364 Class we are reading Major Problems of American Business History. Each chapter in the book includes a few short first-person essays followed by some secondary source analyses. Because of the discussions we have had in this class, … Continue reading

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Efficiency vs Accuracy

In our discussion on Monday, we talked about the classification of clothes in a store like Walmart, and how the women’s/men’s sections may marginalize some shoppers. We asked: for a business like Walmart, is it more important to optimize the … Continue reading

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“Program or be Programmed”

This past winter break, I decided to enroll online in a basic computer programing and coding course. I had two main reasons for taking the class. The first was something that my dad kept telling me, that the inability to code is … Continue reading

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The Info-Pros: Authors of the 21st Century

I was always confused by the attribution of authorship to translations of original works. I did not understand why the translator’s name was the prominent name on the covers of Grecian epics written by iconic poets. I thought, who cares … Continue reading

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What to make of annals…

While I read “The Value of Narrativity in the Representation of Reality,” I became interested that authentic history pulls information from what narrative leaves out. What a narrative consciously eliminates illuminates, to some degree, the historical truth of the speaker. However, I think that … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Thoreau

Expressing disdain for the recently invented and popularized telegraph, Henry David Thoreau said these words: “Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things. They are but improved means to an unimproved end,… We … Continue reading

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How far away is 6 steps?

Networking is quickly becoming synonymous with power in today’s employment landscape. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, it becomes difficult for even the most intelligent people to find work appropriately suited for their level of expertise. This is an … Continue reading

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Kingman- Blog Post #1

Nicholas Carr’s article, “Is Google Making us Stupid,” interests me because it reshapes my thinking of the internet’s influence on my brain’s capabilities and functions. It reminded me of the question of the strengths and weaknesses of a child’s brain … Continue reading

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