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“The Federal Writers’ Project Slave Interviews,” by Thomas F. Soapes makes me wonder how trustworthy interviews, documentaries, and other historical publications are. We all know that interviewers, writers, and directors place their own bias into their published works. However, what can we do about this? Does anything need to be done? If so, where do we start? How do we point out and delete suspicious or false information? Furthermore, if we question the interviews and histories of one group (i.e. ex-slaves) we have to question them all. For example, we also need to be questioning publications from Jews who were ex-prisoners of the Nazi Germany movement, and veterans from various wars, etc. At the end of the day, no matter how tragic the incidents were to whichever “group” of people, individuals were being traumatized because of their identity. Who do we blame for false or misleading information? Do we blame the writers, directors, and interviewers? Or do we blame elitists, politicians, media corporations, and publishing companies? At the end of the day, no matter what someone’s opinion is, there has to be a final say. Even in a democracy, as we discussed in class, one person has to make the final decision or do all of the work. How reliable is this final person? Although it would be fairly laborious to renovate information infrastructure, it would be worth it. It would cease us from posing our “Westernized” or “Easternized” views on other areas of the world, decrease the amount of confusion that lies within human minds, and allow education systems and teachers to stay on the same track, rather than having perplexing and distinctive theories that leave listeners more confused than they were before they enrolled in the class. The photo I have attached is indicating that those who control the media (i.e publishing companies, entertainment industry, etc.) have a direct influence on our thought processes. It is up to us to stop being hypnotized by “he say she say,” and find the information for ourselves. I always believed education systems should allow students and professors to create new theories that will fix current issues rather than stay stuck in the past. It is okay to know our history, but we also have to learn how to fix the issues that lie in front of us. If the majority take control, the minority have no choice but to follow.



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