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Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” influenced me to think about the world wide web’s impact on the reading capabilities of human beings. The statement ” The more they use the web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing” caught the majority of my attention. In my opinion, this statement within the article is claiming that the web is responsible for the inability to focus on texts from articles and books. However, I  firmly believe the will and interests of human beings determine how successful or unsuccessful their focus is.

Some may find it easier to focus on reading form the web because they are more comfortable utilizing electronic devices. Furthermore, being unable to view the size of the online article or book prior to reading, may have an effect on the reading pace. For example, witnessing how large a book is before reading it, can be quite discouraging, especially if one is not interested to begin with.

This article does not mention whether or not the individuals of the studies were actually interested in the logs, articles, or other sources they were reading. If I am about to read an actual book or online book, I will be less willing to read either if I am not interested or in the mood.

Moreover, Carr mentions we humans read a lot of text from our electronic devices which implies we read more than we think we do. Text messages, Facebook posts, Youtube lyrics, and Instagram stories are only a few examples which clarify how much we read on a daily basis. Furthermore, we have learned to adapt to messages that include “slang,” so why can’t some of us adapt to reading from books or the web? What is the difference? Both matters include words being placed right before our eyes. Could it be the obligation to read versus reading on one’s own time? What is the difference between reading a long text from your mate or someone you care about versus a long article or book? Could it be that the texts are sent in portions rather than all at once? Perhaps you are more interested in someone you care about versus  reading about someone you do not know. If your mate wrote a book would you be interested?

According to Keith Wagstaff’s “Are Smartphones Making Us Lazy Thinkers?” smartphones and the world wide web are fairly new and it is easy for humans to become dependent on outside information rather than learning themselves.

I would not state that Google is making us stupid. It is the fact that human beings are allowing themselves to be spoiled by the internet and placing blame on it for short attention spans when it comes to reading. We should learn to balance our use of the web and reading to prevent ourselves from becoming lazy and favoring one over the other, because both the web and reading are equally important and work hand and hand.

web makes us lazy

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