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During last weeks class we indicated there was a possibility that “winners” posted “his story” on what they want to be accessible to or known by the world. If this is the case, how do we know we can count on historical documents? Is there a possibility that the errors within historical documents create major conflicts and levels of misguidance? Could these errors effect the way we view history and what we believe as true or false? What does this mean for those trying to find more information on their ancestral history?What is the truth and what is not? What do we, the people, do when events are not documented or exposed by elitists? Who do we talk to for answers? And the most important question: How do we search for historical events that have been obliterated if there was no trace of them to begin with?

If some aspects of history are not true then are we somewhat obligated to create our own history? For example, write our own books, or make historical music? How we and others know whether or not the story we are telling is accurate? How will we expose our own version of truth with the consent of winners?

I began asking myself  all of these questions after reading Michelle Caswell’s “Seeing Yourself in History.” I took a technological trip to google, searched “unexposed history,” and came across some interesting photos on Pinterest. These historical photos possess events that not too many people, from my understanding, are aware of. The one photo I have attached made me wonder how valid history actually is. If it is not fairly valid, do we continue to conform to the evidence provided, or do we start all over again and search for answers? Hypothetically speaking,  if all of history is false, how do we find answers with false information? https://www.pinterest.com/Perisc/collectively-unexposed-history-ancient-artifacts/

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