Week Three

The strange concept regarding the evolution of the complexity of the internet, is not just the dependence of humankind on it, but in combination its momentum as a growing process. It seems no historical technology can parallel to the rate at which the internet has become a phenomenon with its own set of ethics, jargon, and rhetoric. This week’s readings brought up a lot of interesting points regarding the philosophies and ideologies surrounding this new era of digital dependence.

Most strikingly, in the evaluation of this progression from ‘pencils’ to ‘pixels’, brought up interesting points for inquisition. For one, it referred to the process of typing as somewhat limiting in the sense that you cannot easily rearrange, cross out, etc. the way you’re able to with pen and paper. However, it was limiting to see there was no mention to the positives of this transition.

The readings all seemed to shine a negative light on this digital dependence. Call it wishful thinking for me to want this emergence into a digital age to be positive because inevitable, but my mind couldn’t help but to stray towards the optimistic possibilities of this revolution. Rather than directing towards this limitation of free form writing, I imagined typing allowed for less thinking and in turn more productivity.

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